Phone Awareness Month

Welcome to Phone Awareness Month!

From February 13 till March 14, I'll be posting challenges, quotes, polls, Q&As, giveaways and more. The goal? To get us all talking about (and acting on) our relationships with our phones. To participate: 

1. Make sure that you have a copy of the book and that you've signed up for the 30-day challenge—and invite others to join you.

2. Follow me on Twitter (@catherine_price) or search for #phonebreakup. Or, perhaps even better, just bookmark this page: it only displays posts with the hashtag #phonebreakup—and it's only updated once a day—making it easy to participate in the challenge without getting sucked into a social media spiral. (You can also use the links below to tweet about the book/to me without having to go into Twitter.) 

3. Here's a cool opportunity: the makers of a great productivity app called Flipd have invited all Phone Awareness Month participants to join a friendly competition to see who can spend the most time unplugged. To participate, download Flipd and search for the group "Phone Breakup Challenge" and/or the code 25446. You'll be prompted to "flip off" every night from 6pm-11pm Eastern. Whoever logs the most time off their phone between now and March 14 will win a free copy of the book and some Flipd swag. It's a great example of using an app to protect yourself from yourself/to take advantage of our natural competitive instincts to actually help one another live up to our intentions!

4. If you want to sponsor a challenge for Phone Awareness Month, contact me using the contact form. It doesn't have to be specifically phone-oriented. For example, you or your company could pledge to make a donation to a particular charity if participants stay unplugged for a certain number of collective hours. (Check out the app lilspace for examples of this.) 

Now that you've taken the time to read this, it's time for your first Phone Awareness Month Challenge: put down your screen, and go do something else!