AMA and Day of Unplugging Discount Codes

Well, this is pretty cool. We've reached out to some of our favorite companies and productivity apps, and they've offered some special discounts for people participating in the Reddit AMA and/or the National Day of Unplugging. Note: We don't get any money from this — We just want to spread the word about some of our favorite products.

Freedom: 40 percent off of any Freedom Premium plan

Code: BREAKUP (discount good through March 16)

RescueTime: 30 percent discount on RescueTime premium

Bagby is a sleeping bag for your phone. They're currently offering a 50 percent discount for the first ten people. Purchasing info here.

Flipd: We had to come up with a bit of a workaround, but here you go!

  • Download Flipd on Android or iOS 
  • Use the in-app chat to ask to redeem the "Discount code FlipdPhoneBreakup2018"
  • Then we can honor a 1-month free premium upgrade for that user (within 24 hours)

And last but certainly not least, lilspace:

Anyone can download the lilspace app and apply their time unplugged to earn rewards from businesses like restaurants and museums. In addition to providing perks for individuals or groups, the lilspace app also allows people to use their time tracked away from their phones to support causes they care about.

For example, in preparation for the National Day of Unplugging (sundown to sundown March 9-10, 2018), the 9-12 grade students of Milken Community Schools in Los Angeles are using the lilspace app, and launching a competition to see which grade level can track the highest number of hours away from their smartphones. The students, faculty and parents at Milken will tag their focus on grade level groups inside the lilspace app in order to track which grade is leading in the number of hours unplugged. The winning grade will be rewarded with an exclusive invitation to a celebratory Bagel/Donut Brunch during class time.