Invite Someone to Break Up With Their Phone

Everyone knows someone who needs to break up with their phone. But sometimes, it can be hard to say so to their face. Use this email form to send an elegant invitation asking the person you care about to break up with their phone. You'll be able to preview your invitation before it's sent.


 Does someone you love spend too much time on their phone? 

Why not invite them to break up with it?

You have at least two options for how to do so:

1. Be direct: Simply send them the video below—it's a caring way to let someone know that you're concerned about their relationship with their phone. 

2. Be sneaky: send them a copy anonymously. If you buy a copy of the book and send it to their address without filling out a gift receipt, it won't say who it's from. (I'm not necessarily endorsing this idea, but it's an option!)