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Press and Media Appearances

How to Break Up With Your Phone is being published in 26 countries and translated into 18 languages. It's been featured in publications and on shows and podcasts including The New York Times, CBS This Morning, The Los Angeles Times, the Dr. Oz Show, NPR's Here and Now, the BBC World News Service, Good Morning America, 10% Happier with Dan Harris, Wired, Time Magazine, Recode, the Financial Times, FiveThirtyEight, and most major newspapers in Britain, among many others.

United States & Canada:

The New York Times: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"

CBS News: "How to Break Up With Your Phone" (text, video, podcast)

Los Angeles Times: "Can You Go Without Your Phone for 24 Hours?"

The New York Times: "New And Noteworthy" books, week of February 6, 2018 (pdf scan)

Philadelphia Magazine: "Catherine Price's Modest Proposal"

Wired: "The Secret to Breaking Up With Your Phone? Remember That You Will Die"

Time Magazine: "9 Ways to Finally Stop Spending So Much Time On Your Phone"

Vox: "Break Up With Your Smartphone"

FiveThirtyEight: "How to Break Your Phone Addiction"

Refinery 29: "I Broke Up With My Phone and Lived to Talk About It"

Life Hacker

Reddit AMA: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"

Salon: "How to Break Up With Your Phone" (via Alternet)

The Last Word on Nothing: "How We Broke Up With Your Phones. (Sort Of.)"

Parade Magazine: "How Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb (And What to Do About It)"

Thrive Global: Your Phone Is Designed to Addict You

Allure Magazine:  "What an Internet Rehabilitation Program Is Really Like"

Health Magazine: "7 Scary Things You Never Knew About Cell Phone Addiction"

Women's Health: "I Broke Up With My Phone for a Month—Here's What Happened"

Cosmopolitan: "4 Ways to Stop Being So Addicted to Your Phone"

CBCNews Eye Opener Q&A: "Break Up With Your Phone by Deciding What You Want Out of Life"

Books for Better Living: "So Long, Smartphone. Hello, Freedom!"

Psychology Today: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"

Alternet: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"  

MindBodyGreen: "Seven Phone Habits of Highly Effective People"

Rescue Time

Medium: "What becomes of digital addicts in the 'always on' era?"

Refinery 29

Southwest Magazine

Flip'd: "This Valentine's Day, Break Up With Your Phone"

Julie's Bookshelf: "Review: How to Break Up With Your Phone"

Innovation and Tech Today: "Are You in an Unhealthy Relationship With Your Smartphone?"

Freedom: "How to Break Up With Your Phone (and Why You Should)"

Lincoln Star Journal: "How to Break Up With Your Phone and Still Remain Friends"

Memphis Flyer: "Are You As Smart As Your Smartphone?"

Refinery 29: "What Happened When I Broke Up With My Phone"


The Daily Mail (Part 1 of 2): "Yes, You Can Kick Your Phone Addiction: A Fascinating New Book Tells You How to Stop"

The Daily Mail (Part 2 of 2): "The new sanity-saving book which reveals how you can break free from the chains of email"

The Times (Polly Vernon): "How Long Can You Cope Without Your Mobile?"

The Sun: "Addicted to Your Phone: How to Dump Your Phone Addiction in 30 Days—And Get Your Life Back."

The Guardian: "Breaking Up (With My Smartphone) Is Hard to Do" (Rhik Samadder)

The Independent: "How to Overcome Your Phone Addiction: Five Tips to Help You Stop Checking Your Mobile" (and also "Five Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction")

The Telegraph: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"

Elle UK (cover story): "How to Break Up With Your Phone" (pdf scan

The New Statesman: "Combating Smartphone Addiction: Taking Back Control of Your Phone—and Your Mind"

The Guardian: "This Column Will Change Your Life: Addicted to Digital Technology?  Here's How to Beat the Habit"

Sunday Express: "Hold the Phones! THIS is How to Break Your Addiction to Your Mobile Phone"

The Evening Standard: "How to Break Up With Your Phone in 30 Days"

The Pool: "Smartphone Addiction Made Me Restless, Anxious and Muddled," by Sali Hughes

Sunday Telegraph: "Can These Books Help Me Keep My New Year's Resolutions?"

The Sun (UK): "See How Addicted To Your Phone You Are—And What To Do About It"

Marie Claire UK (February)

The Irish Times

Venetia Falconer You Tube (around 3:33)

Grazia Magazine, Polly Vernon (Grazia also chose How to Break Up With Your Phone as the #1 trend of 2018)

Digital Mindfulness


The Weekly Review (Australia): "How to Break Up With Your Smartphone"

ABC News Australia: "Have an Unhealthy Relationship With Your Phone? It Might Be Time You Broke Up"

Sydney Morning Herald: "Mobile Phones Have Ruined Our Ability to Think Straight"

The Age (Australia): "I Turned Off My Phone—And Rediscovered The World" Honey (Australia): "Why Easing Your Mobile Phone Addiction is Beneficial to You" "I Broke Up With My Phone For a Day"

France: 18h39

Norway: "Hun laget en fireukers kur mot mobilavhengighet"


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Mentions from nice people on the internets:

Singer/Songwriter Laura Veirs

Lacy Phillips/freeandnative

Shiva Rose


ABC Good Morning America Weekend Download with Dan Harris (and 10 Percent Happier podcast)

The Dr. Oz Show (clips 4, 5 and 6): "How to Break Up With Your Phone" (and blog)

 Dr. Oz:  "Stop Your Smartphone Addiction"  (clips  4 ,  5  and  6 )

Dr. Oz: "Stop Your Smartphone Addiction" (clips 4, 5 and 6)



The Morning Show 7 Australia: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"

"What the Tech": "Smartphone Addiction"


NPR "Here and Now": "Breaking Up Is Hard—Especially When It's With Your Smartphone"

CBS This Morning Podcast: "How to Break Up With Your Phone"

10% Happier with Dan Harris

WHYY: Radio Times

Recode: Too Embarrassed to Ask

BBC World News Service

"It's Your Health" with Lisa Davis

"Something You Should Know" with Mike Carruthers

Financial Times: "Business Book Challenge" (with Isabel Berwick, and Emma Jacobs)

Recommended by John Dickerson on Slate's Political Gabfest (March 15)

BBC Science Focus: "Why You Should Break Up With Your Phone" (starts at minute 16)

The Detroit Cast

Groks Science Radio & Podcast

Techtonic with Mark Hurst

BYU Radio: Top of Mind

"Give and Take" with Scott Jones

The Hidden Why Guy podcast

Digital Mindfulness

BYU Radio "Top of Mind"

Mike Pintek Show (full audio)

Featured in the December 13th episode of The High Low podcast

Upcoming mentions and appearances in/on BBC World News Service, Redbook, New Scientist, and Glamour, among others.