How to export your usage data from Moment

I am very interested in figuring out whether the phone breakup challenge results in people actually spending less time on their phones—and if so, how much.  (Perhaps you would be interested, too!)

If you have been using Moment (even if sporadically), I would greatly appreciate it if you would send me your data.

Here's how you do it: 

1.  Import your latest screen shot into Moment so that your usage history is up-to-date. (Please do this even if you haven't been consistently using Moment. )

2. In Moment, go to Settings>Advanced>Export Data. It'll create an email that contains all your usage data since the very first time you used Moment. 

3. Email it to me at PHONEBREAKUP@GMAIL.COM (and yourself, if you'd like!)

THANK YOU for doing this—it'll be really useful to have some hard data. 

Android users:  Unfortunately, there's no great way to do this on Quality Time, other than to look back at your own data to see how much time you spent on your phone during the first few days of the breakup, compared to the last few days. (If you figure out a more accurate way to get this data, please let me know!) If you feel up for sending me data manually, I'd be interested in your usage for the first 5 days of the breakup compared to the last 5 days of the breakup. 

Privacy note: If/when I analyze this data, I'd be looking for average changes (in other words, the average of all participants, not individual participants). Also, this is kind of obvious, but if you're sending me your usage data, you are giving me permission to use it for the purpose of measuring before- and after- phone usage averages.


Catherine Price